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Who Are We?

Hell On Heels is a brand new Rocky Horror Picture
Show live cast. The brainchild of many several-years veteran Rocky Horror performers, HoH was originally formed in February of 2016 and put on its first show for an LGBT Festival in June, the same year. That was the event that started it all!

Hell On Heels’ core principle is that Rocky Horror is a timeless tradition because of its inclusive and accepting nature; coming to a screening of Rocky Horror is an experience that should feel like coming home after a year-long journey. On Saturday nights we invite you to come to our home and be a part of the family.



Where does HoH perform?

HoH is the resident Rocky Horror Picture Show cast of Carrollwood’s Villagio Cinemas at 11778 N. Dale Mabry Highway. The theatre can be found on the west side of Dale Mabry between Hudson Lane and Stall Road. Nearby landmarks include Barnes & Noble whose parking lot connects to the theatre’s.

Villagio has a full kitchen and cocktail bar, and we invite you to come and take advantage of these amenities. Grab a bite to eat before the show, or order a drink at the lounge and sip on it while reclining on the theatre’s motorized leather seats.

When does HoH perform?

We perform Saturday nights at midnight. If we ever have a night off for any reason, we will update our home page, as well as our social media accounts, in advance. Doors for the show open around 11:30PM. Our show consists of a preshow that begins at 11:45, and every show ends with a meet-and-greet with the cast and crew where we invite you to talk with us, take pictures with us, and tip your favorite performers.

How much is a ticket?

Tickets are only $9.00: That’s more affordable than most movies and easily one of the best prices for live entertainment in the area! You can purchase tickets in person at the box office. We also suggest bringing a dollar extra if you want to buy one of the prop bags our cast sells before the show. The theatre also sells alcoholic beverages at the lounge in the lobby and we encourage you to drink—because drinking makes the show even more fun!

What comes in a prop bag and why should I buy one?

A prop bag is a time-honored Rocky Horror tradition! Rocky Horror is an “Audience Participation Show” which means that in conjunction to shouting obscene things in a movie theatre, we encourage you to throw things in the air, behind you, or at each other! You can bring your own home-made prop bag to the show, or buy one of ours. Our prop bags consist of:

-Newspaper, to wear on your head during “There’s a Light”.

-Party Hat and Noisemaker, for the Creation Scene.

-Rubber Glove, to snap along with Frank during the Creation Scene, or inflate it and play volleyball!

-Toast, to toss during the toast in the Dinner Scene.

-Cards (for sorrow and pain), to throw during “I’m Going Home”.

Rice is traditionally found in propbags, to be thrown during the Wedding Scene, however, we recommend grabbing a handful of popcorn instead!

There are many other props that you can bring from home, such as bells, toilet paper, and lighters, too! If you are bringing your own props, please be courteous to the theatre and refrain from bringing any wet food products (such as hotdogs) or squirtguns.

Where does my tip money go?

Any revenue we generate from cast merchandise or tips collected after the show goes directly back to the cast to purchase and maintain props, finance cast outings, and generally improve the show. We are a volunteer cast and none of us get paid or make any money doing this show: this is a labor of love, both to preserve the tradition of Rocky Horror and to help independent movie theatre such as Villagio stay afloat amidst the sea of corporate competitors.

How do I join Cast?

With very few exceptions, all new applicants must be voted onto cast by the current membership. There are no auditions or further expectations to be a General Cast Member and membership is a life-long benefit. General Cast Members may attend cast meetings and events, vote on policies and leadership, and may petition the Director to become part of the Active Performing Cast. Even if a member of the General Cast moves away or is otherwise unable to regularly attend cast functions, membership is secure unless requested otherwise or the Cast Code of Conduct is violated.

The easiest way to become a member of the cast is to attend shows, introduce yourself to the cast during and after the shows, and generally be in good standing and of good repute.

The Active Cast members are the people you see every weekend who put on the show. They have made the commitment to be at the show on a regular basis. Anybody on the General Cast can be an Active Performer after talking to the Director and expressing an interest for a part with the cast or crew. Further inquiries may be made to our Director, Sam at

I would like Hell On Heels to come perform at my event!

If you have an event that you would like HoH to perform at, just send an email to our Producer, Susan at, or find her during the show on a Saturday night!

Be part of the experience 

Check our facebook for audience photos! Tag yourself! 

Photos by Kitty, Don't forget to like her on facebook!!
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